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Why Choose Us for your WordPress Website Maintenance?  
You can use your current hosting provider or our preferred provider:  
WEB FX LLC ⋇We can support your WordPress website on any hosting provider.  

We've been told our response time is impressive!  
You contact us, we respond… you email, we reply.  
Communication is key to success.
No long-term contracts or restrictions, we earn your business one day at a time.
WordPress Maintenance is what we do and our primary goal is to do it better than anyone.  

Don’t have time for posting content or adding products to your site? We've got it covered with our simple communications system.  
We’ll here to save you time and money so you can concentrate on what you do!

Be Protected!

An attacker doesn't need to be in the building with your website - Hackers can attack your site from anywhere in the world and quickly acquire entry to your site using vulnerable outdated plugins, themes or other  entry points so ensure everything stays up-to-date and you always have a recent Backup!
Back-up Plans are available ranging from monthly to daily (plus incremental)
 depending on your needs.


Your Website's performance is affected by outdated themes, plugins, and malware that could be planted by shady hackers.
Be sure to keep your site updated so your visitors don't bounce because your site is soooo slooow!


Outdated Plugins, themes and content can be costly but losing customers due to lack of traffic and most importantly not having your site working at all can truly be costly.  Don't let that happen.  Keep everything monitored, updated and backed-up in the event of disaster.

Your Time

Let's face it - You have a lot on your plate.  Keeping track of all the things your WordPress Website needs to stay up to date barely registers on your todo list.  Let us take care of this for you!  You'll be glad you did :) 

Peace of Mind

There is no way to measure the peace of mind that having a plan in place will offer you concerning your website.  It is a sick feeling to loose one and then find out that there isn't a recent copy of your data. 
Click to Select Maintenance Plan Subscription
Plugins & Themes Monitored & Updated
Monitor & Delete Trash / SPAM Comments
Incremental Back-Ups
Continuous Up-Time Monitoring
WordPress & Database Files Back-Up

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